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Salon-Like Festive Hairstyles At Home

Salon-Like Festive Hairstyles At Home

Sleek Low Bun - The Classiest!

Planning to style ethnic wear this festive season? A middle/side-parted bun will compliment it best!

All you’ve gotta do is, twist your hair and roll it to make a low bun. Place it at the nape of your neck and secure it with a few bobby pins/ rubber bands. For an ever look by decking it with a string of flowers or a traditional gajra.

How to:

Start by adding some hair serum to your tresses. Next, use the Ikonic Hot Brush to smoothen out all the frizz and flyaways. Using a tail comb, make a neat middle/side-part. Put on some styling gel to flatten your hair further. Then, collect all your hair into a tight ponytail and twist it to create a bun. Accessorize with a flower gajra and some bobby pins for some desi delicacy!

Edgy Waves All The Way!

Beachy waves are versatile and trendy. But when you're going to a party or hosting a dinner at home, you'll want a more polished take on waves rather than ruffled, messy waves. . After all, the aim is to carry yourself all night long, and look great (of course frizz-free) for all the pictures. You do wanna slay it but make it all look easy!

How to:

Start by sectioning your hair into different parts. Next pick each strand of your hair and start curling - ideally from the back of your crown. You can choose from Multi Tong / Curling tongs depending on the curl size you want. According to our experts, a glamorous look can be achieved if you let your tonged-curls cool, and then brush them using a Curling tong - 28mm. Some people also prefer softening the curls by pulling each segment down which will create a looser shape. While others straighten the very end for looking modern, you can (if you wish to) detangle your hair. Don’t forget to secure it all with a hairspray!

Side Swept Hairstyle? Nah, Chic Hairstyle!

Renaming side-swept hair because this hairstyle deserves a better name!
This is an easy christmas hairstyle and looks good on all outfits, be it ethnic or western. It’s glamorous and easy to pull off, all at once. Not only does it add volume and shine to your hair, it also makes it all look effortless.

How to:

Start off by prepping your hair and curling it using the Curling tong - 38mm. Leave your beautiful curls down and let them set. Next, side-part your hair to flaunt this hairstyle. You can finger-comb or lightly comb your hair to resolve your curls a little. This will let your voluminous waves look stunning as they are. Move all your hair to one side and let it perfectly fall on your shoulder. And that’s grace personified!

A Textured Ponytail Never Goes Out Of Style!

Textured ponytails instantly lift your face and give your hair all the volume it needs. It works best with high-collared kurtis and flair-y lehengas. To add more volume to your hair, you can also go for a double ponytail - a styling technique that will give an illusion of voluminous hair without you having to add hair extensions or any such hassle.

How to:

Prep your hair and blow dry it using Pro 2500 + Burgundy. Next, using the Ikonic Crimper on the roots to add volume, section your hair and crimp it to add some texture. After crimping, jiggle it, and apply a volumizing hair spray all over. Grab a Conical tong - 25mm to make horizontal curls, this would add the required texture to the hair tresses framing your face. Collect all your hair and place it as high as possible. Secure it with a rubber band, and voila, you’re ready to outshine all festive lights!

To make a double ponytail, begin sectioning your hair into two parts from the centre. Make a ponytail by pulling the top section of your hair and securing it with a rubber band. Now pull the bottom section into another ponytail and place it right under the first ponytail. Lock the hairstyle in place using some rubber bands and bobby pins. Lastly, pick out some side strands to frame your face and curl then using Conical Tong - 25mm!

Traditional Braids... Because Why Not!

Worried about styling long locks? Fishtail braids to the rescue!

Braids compliment every look, be it ethnic wear or ind-western outfits. It’s also the most sought after look among global celebrities. Read on to know how you can ace a traditional fish braid with ease!

How to:

Firstly, use the Pro 2100 - Ikonic Blow Dryer to dry your hair & remove any kind of frizz there is. Begin by dividing your hair from the middle into two segments - right and left. Now, pull out a thin strand from underneath the left segment. Pull it tightly up till the right segment and hold this strand along with the right segmented bunch. Repeat the process by pulling a thin strand from the right segment too. Keep doing this till the very end of your hair; alternate between the right & left halves. Make sure to keep the braid tight. Fasten your hair at the end using an elastic band and accessorize all you want. You can also pick out some loose pieces from the braid using your fingers. That’s it, you’re ready to rock the party!

We hope these tips will help you create Ikonic hairstyles sitting right at home. This festive season, don’t hold back and embrace your inner diva! Do tag us on Facebook & Instagram if you create these hairstyles at home.